Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CRE Financial Advisors' Focus

CRE Financial Advisors' focus is on the large and extended ‘after-market’ that the FDIC Loss Sharing transactions will create over the next 5 to 10 years (see: "Loss Sharing History" ). "Loss Sharing" (totaling nearly $140 billion in assets transferred in the latest cycle) is a public/private partnership between the FDIC and a healthy bank where the FDIC covers an amount of the losses incurred by a bank acquiring failed bank assets in exchange for possible upside to be shared with the FDIC that might result from the acquiring bank's expert asset management and improved economic conditions.

CREFA provides services to financial institutions in support of their FDIC Loss Sharing activities in the following important areas:

-Asset Acquisition and Due Diligence
-Asset Accounting and Valuation Services
-Asset Management
-FDIC Submissions, Processing, Auditing and Compliance
-Loan Servicing, Data and Document Management Systems

We have strategic partnerships with servicing, accounting, valuation and compliance firms to provide a "suite of integrated solutions" for the needs of FDIC-assisted financial institutions.

Our expertise (in residential and commercial underwriting) is the skill set that informs our institutional advisory work and leads the way to successful institutional participation in the large volume of FDIC related asset resolution activity to follow in the coming years.